The path to success is to take massive, determined action.

- Tony Robbins

Working with me...

As a result of working with me, you will build a new exceptional you- one that plans, achieves and believes a new way of seeing, thinking, and being IS your pathway to real happiness!  We will journey through the mind-body connection nexus to cultivate in you a new awareness of success.  If you can see it, you can think it, you can be it! Are you ready to embark on your personalized #IAMExperience?

Imagine the possibilities when we take information in the midst of transformation and bravely step into your I AM-ness to begin your pathway to self for true happiness. As a result of work with me, Dana Macc, mindset coach, educator, yoga teacher, and transformational speaker, I will teach you how to discover self and be the champion of your own success. If you have ever asked the question: “Who am I?” my Mind Mode Program to build a stronger, healthier, more productive YOU this system is exactly what you need. This #IAM Experience is where you can declare your commitment to the mastery of self through the mind-body connection. Are you ready for a new awareness of success?

I have moved people from frazzled, unsure and fearful to confident, aware and productive in accomplishing lofty goals. You will see guaranteed forward movement in 30 days using the mind-body nexus of my Mind Mode to have a healthier, happier quality of life. I am looking for people who want to be responsible for their own success and stand in the self-built power stance of your exceptional I AM-ness!


“When I first worked with Dana, I was in a place in my life where I knew where I wanted to go but had no idea on how to get there. Something was missing from my routine. She opened my eyes to “Networking” through our coaching, helping me first build the confidence in my material to know that I had what it took talent wise, then she gave me the tools I needed to network with other like-minded people in my industry from other cities and states. With the advice Dana has given me, I am now able to go out and network on my own, with confidence and professionalism, making beneficial connections taking my career to the next level!” Father in Transition,
Anthony Darrell Dana's Macc Previous Client Testimonial
Anthony Darrell
Recording Artist/Actor
"Dana Macc, the first time I met her I saw a leader, business-minded, and a goal achiever.
Just watching her reach her goals inspired me to keep striving for my dreams.
I live by one of her mottos "Success is the best revenge" when others may have doubted my vision that motto have changed their perception of the way they think.
I can honestly say she wants you to be the best version of yourself.
Allen Holloway
“Dana was amazing, and tremendously phenomenal in pinpointing most effective next steps in my event production work as part of the laser coaching she provided. Her focus, timeliness, dedication and solid methodology are invaluable and crucial, she has so much experience and will cut the fat off the meat of your next best steps. I am forever grateful for her guidance and I strongly recommend Dana's coaching to anyone looking to make the RIGHT next BEST steps in their personal or professional endeavors.”
tony cosby Client
Tony Cosby

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1-On-1 Coaching


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Easy to schedule your first consultation with me. Just pick your best day, time and expect our call to be the key element for a new fresh mindset that will take you to be Expressive. Expansive. Exception.


we make a commitment together

After our consultation we will send you a free assessment that you set us the possibilities to work together from point A to Z. This will be our pain point element to work together for a success result. 


we work together on progressing

As part of our work you will be able to optimize your result, success, progress and #IAM EXPERIENCE in our mind mode program that will put you into Think, See, Be 

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