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I am a mindset coach and transformational speaker. As a result of going through my Mind Mode Program you will see guaranteed forward movement in your approach to life- moving with more clarity and confidence to attain your goals thus seeing real success. I am only the facilitator in your growth who will work with you to plot a strategy for attaining a new vision for your life. I am the guide that assists you in turning information into knowledge so that your limited beliefs are no longer fixed beliefs! 


You’ll find inner peace no matter what your outer circumstances are at the present moment. With my help you’ll set goals and guidelines for improved results for a better life experience. You’ll walk right out of your past with the faulty thinking program into the confident stance of your mind power. Who wouldn’t want to be a self-built, heart-centered individual who can say I AM making these empowered decisions and my success is rightfully mine. I did this! I offer you a 30 day money back guarantee that you can-with my assistance execute and have proven results-less, stress, better health and higher quality living. This is what the success criteria looks like based upon results. 

seeing real success

We invite you to something epic! Here we hustle for happiness our happiness out of a sense of purpose for a sure-fire transformation – from that transformation we become inspired and changed from that inspiration sort of like the inner vision we’ve created from our intention.

 We feel we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So we offer our passion-to craft the life that gives us a reason to wake up in the morning putting a different sauce on the serve. What do you want to want to manifest?

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Self-worth, self-determination, self-motivation to build a bigger, better, stronger, happier true self to… so that you can have the impact

To motivate and inspire individual change by our words, speeches and experiences so that their quality of life includes wellbeing, true happiness and explosive success. You are the architect that is setting the intentionality to create from a place of incredible power and adjust your prism to include a new mindset of raising your personal standard of success. It’s never too late to adjust your prism and become the person you’ve always wanted to be!


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“Dana was amazing, and tremendously phenomenal in pinpointing most effective next steps in my event production work as part of the laser coaching she provided. Her focus, timeliness, dedication and solid methodology are invaluable and crucial, she has so much experience and will cut the fat off the meat of your next best steps. I am forever grateful for her guidance and I strongly recommend Dana’s coaching to anyone looking to make the RIGHT next BEST steps in their personal or professional endeavors.”

tony cosby Client

tony cosby

Comedian - Producer

Dana’s ability to see eye to eye with many different people and personalities, while understanding their background and story, makes her versatile in her ability in being a leader. The type of person you don’t mind going out of your way for and checking on to see what’s the latest and greatest in her life. Her nurturing embrace and compassion for other humans is one of her greatest qualities. I’m greatly appreciative for having to meet her on my journey and crossing paths with her while calling her a true friend turned family member. Dana sets the bar high and is at the forefront for women empowerment and gender equality, because of the way she carries herself and the way she is respected amongst her peers of any race, gender or age. Truly a special person with all the positive qualities and a mindset built for an idealistic role model.”


david manikad


“Dana unabashedly seeks truth to identify the root cause of issues, sincerity to gain credibility and empathy that helps to quickly develop trust. Honesty and candor are inherent in her approach, especially in cases where dysfunction is prevalent in the lives of her subjects. I am a firm believer that we are all set free through understanding of our own relevant truths and Dana definitely works to uncover and gently broach those truths.”

Joe Love Client Testimonial

joe love

Systems analyst

“Dana is such a breath of fresh air she projects such positive energy that it is contagious. The way she engages will inspire you, motivate you give you that push to help you realize your true potential.”

Angel Steward Testimony

Angel Steward

Chef - Business Owner

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